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Katheryn Gronauer is a transition and wellness consultant based in Tokyo, Japan. She is a certified health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, ATD trainer, author of Confessions of a Yo-yo Dieter, and a wellness writer for Women's Health, HuffPost, Mindbodygreen, and more. Before starting Thrive Tokyo, Katheryn helped thousands of foreign residents and visitors with cultural education and lifestyle support during her time at a credit card concierge.

Katheryn works as a facilitator with organizations that are looking to improve their corporate culture through cross-cultural education and employee wellness programs. She also helps individuals with lifestyle orientation.

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Born to a Japanese mother and American father, Katheryn was raised bilingually in Palm Beach, Florida. She spent her childhood visiting Tokyo every summer and moved permanently in 2009 to attend Sophia University.

Katheryn first became interested in health when she lost 40 pounds after moving to Japan and learning about eastern holistic nutrition. She aimed to start a business as a health coach educating English speakers about the health and wellness ideas and techniques she learned from Japan. However, when she started working with foreigners in Japan, she found that most of her clients didn’t know how to shop for food in grocery stores since a lot of the Japanese food products are new to them and they cannot read food labels. She also found that their biggest emotional and mental frustrations were around feelings of isolation and a lack of purpose in Japan.

Prior to becoming a health coach, Katheryn worked for a credit card concierge and supported premium cardholders who were foreign residents or visitors of

Japan. She has helped with thousands of requests ranging from simple restaurant reservations and air conditioning installments to complex helicopter transport arrangements.

Thus, Katheryn decided to marry her two areas of expertise - Japanese culture and lifestyle + Health Coaching - to best serve the foreign community in Japan.

She holds a B.A. in International Business from Sophia University, is an ATD trainer and certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has written for various publications such as Women’s Health, Savvy, Thrive Global, and more, and she’s the author of Confessions of a Yo-yo Dieter.

When Katheryn is not working, she enjoys salsa dancing, brunching, and strolling around Omotesando.