Thrive Tokyo Youtube Interview

I’m so excited that you’d like to be interviewed for the Thrive Tokyo Channel!
On this page, you’ll find the purpose behind the interviews, questions for prep, and a booking calendar.

Apero Interview Space

The purpose of the interview is to help viewers with any of the following:

  • Understand what life is like in Tokyo for people with your profile

  • Make easier decisions for themselves and their families

  • Understand challenges they might face as a foreigner in Japan

  • Learn about resources you love that can help them Thrive

Your story matters!
Any background you have - be it a college student, corporate worker, stay-at-home mom, runner of a local business - is welcome. There is someone out there just like you who is looking for insight and advice!

Here’s the list of questions to get you prepped!


The interview will be customized around what makes you unique (for example, a college student will be asked different kinds of details than a working mother, who will be asked something different from a corporate business man, etc.). Use these questions as a general outline to get prepped!

  • When did you come to Japan, and why?

  • What were your hesitations about moving, here?

  • Share with us a typical day in your life.

  • What’s it like to be a ____ (corporate worker, mom, business owner, etc.) in Japan?

  • What made you decide to stay as long as you have?

  • When did you accept that Tokyo is your home?

  • What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced living here?

  • How did you overcome [said challenge]?

  • What advice do you have for people thinking of moving to Japan?

  • What resources have you found have been essential to your quality of life, here?

Lightning Round

What’s the lightning round? I am going to make individual videos on each of the questions below, and edit together responses from all individuals. That way viewers who are looking for insight to these questions can see a variety of responses.

  1. What’s the most annoying thing that has happened to you as a foreigner in Japan?

  2. What shocked you when you came to Japan?

  3. What are some things that you always bring back with you to Japan when you visit Home?

  4. What would you say has been the most challenging about being a foreigner in Japan?

  5. Where do you feel is the best place to live in Tokyo, and why?

  6. What is something you love about Japan that you can’t get back at home?

  7. How did you learn Japanese? (if you haven’t, is it livable without the language)

  8. What’s one food all visitors should try?

  9. What do you wish you had known before you moved to Japan?

  10. What’s the one place tourists can’t leave Japan without visiting?

  11. What’s one thing people think is straight forward, but is not in Japan?

  12. What would you say is a common myth about living in Japan?

Sign up here for a filming time-slot

Note: I’m allowing an hour for the interview itself, but I’m aiming to edit interviews down to 10 minutes on average for easy viewing.

The interview will either take place in Omotesando or I will go to you - let’s correspond further on location once you’ve booked.

Got a question?

Email Katheryn directly for inquiries at !