LIVE WEBINAR: The 3 Most Common Pitfalls All New Foreigners Face in Japan & How to Avoid them for a Successful Transition

New (or moving) to Japan? Come set your expectations for a successful transition

Your Host: Katheryn Gronauer
Thrive Tokyo Founder | Expat Transition Consultant

Date & Time: Monday, July 8th at 9:30am JST* (Sunday, July 7th at 8:30pm EST)

*A replay will be available.

Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The 4 phases of the expat lifecycle that everyone experiences and how they will affect you (and your family)

  • The biggest mental, physical, and emotional struggles foreigners face + practical solutions, resources and organizations to help you avoid them

  • Q&A time to answer your questions on living in Japan

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