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Transition & Onboarding for Expats

The first 6 months of a foreigner’s experience in Japan determine how they’ll acclimate and feel comfortable staying in Japan long term. Even though some expats are provided initial help with relocation, many struggle with adapting when they’re left to figure everything out on their own.

The aim of helping expats with transition is for them to become self-sufficient, confident, and comfortable working in a new environment through education on day-to-day tasks and cross-cultural training.

At Thrive Tokyo, we offer:

  • Lifestyle Orientation Programs (education on how to live in Tokyo + cross-cultural training)

  • Private, customized lifestyle support (such as going with clients to stores to show them how to shop, or connect them with resources that match their greatest interested)

  • In-house coaching (employees can chat with a consultant periodically for lifestyle solutions or for help on dealing with cultural shock, homesickness, and more)

Employee Wellness

2. Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness programs are still relatively new to Japan. If you’re in an international company where you have health programs in offices outside of Japan and you’re looking to offer the same benefits for your employees in Japan, or if you’re a startup looking to create a positive corporate culture, then we can help.

The objective of Employee Wellness programs are:

  • To create a positive work environment (happy/healthy employees = comfortable environment)

  • To reduce turnover/attrition rates (happy/healthy employees are less likely to leave quickly)

  • To attract quality candidates to your organization

Ideas for developing an Employee Wellness Program:

  • Seasonal or Monthly workshops (i.e. workshop on hay fever in the springtime, then on heat fatigue in the summertime, etc.)

  • Customized program according to goal (i.e. a series of workshops dedicated to improving stress-test results

  • Office food evaluation (consulting on office drinks and snack to create healthy options for staff)

  • Physical activities (have a physical trainer come into the office for a workshop or organize a physical event outside of the office)

  • In-house coaching (employees can talk privately with a coach to set objectives, be held accountable, and accomplish their health goals)

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