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Free Guide: 25 Resources, Organizations and Apps to Help You Transition Your Life to Tokyo

Free Guide

Thought the hardest part of moving to Tokyo would be, well, the moving?

Come grab this guide which includes top tips on transportation, medical information, international organizations, and more. Plus, I’ll send you short stories, education and tips for living day-to-day in Tokyo without limits.

Free Case Study: How Klinta Lost 22lbs in 6 Months in Tokyo

Case Study

Klinta was living in Belgium and struggling with her weight when she and her partner decided to take a 6 month working holiday to Tokyo. Worried about what foods to eat and how to get healthy in a foreign country, she reached out to me and wound up losing 22lbs with the holistic concepts we worked on together.

Click the button to receive 1 email per day for 5 days on 5 topics we covered that made the biggest impact in her wellbeing.

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Orientation Program

Food Orientation & Grocery Store Tour

Got a college degree, but can’t figure out how to flush the toilet?

Took a “quick stop” by the supermarket for soy sauce, spent 30 min trying to find it, and still left with the wrong bottle?

Everyone expects moving to Japan to be tough, but you probably didn’t realize you have to re-learn how to accomplish day-to-day tasks in a new context. In this 3-part interactive workshop, I’ll help you gain confidence in your day-to-day life in everything from grocery shopping, dealing with the post office and more.

Spring Foods Workshop

Spring Foods Workshop

Japan has exciting new produce to try with each change in season. Come to these macrobiotic workshops where you’ll get to make and taste Japanese Spring meals, learn about the produce, how to use them, and their health benefits.

Private Services

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I offer private orientation consulting and health coaching for individuals. Feel free to book a chat with me to discuss how I can be of service.