Spring Food Cooking Workshop

Thrive Tokyo Seasonal Food Workshops
Macrobiotic Food Workshop

May 12/13

In this macrobiotic sweets cooking workshop, we will make chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce, scones with dried fruits and pumpkin seeds, caramel nut sauce, coffee jelly, raspberry “cheese”cake, steamed vanilla sponge cake and lemon tofu pudding. Each item we make can be eaten separately, but at the end we will create our own parfaits by combining some of the sweets together. Savory finger foods will also be provided during this workshop to supplement your meal. All items will be vegan and gluten-free.

May 26/27

Come learn how to make a delicious, macrobiotic-balanced plant-based meal! In this spring macrobiotic cooking workshop, we will make kabocha squash croquettes with tartar sauce, mushroom and zucchini risotto, seaweed salad with umeboshi dressing, and green pea potage (soup). All items will be vegan and gluten-free.

These workshops will be in collaboration with Best Living Japan, based in Hiroo.
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Macrobiotic Lesson
Teriyaki Tempeh